Alfie Crous has extensive experience as a Liquor Officer, detective,Inspector, Prosecutor at the Liquor Board ( Liquor Authority Today), Liquor Board Member, duties of the chair person in terms of Section 183 of Act 1989 on occasions, and fully specialized in all aspects regarding any application in terms of the Liquor Act or any Extension of Hours in terms of the by Laws of City of Cape Town. Alfie Crous personally provide the guidelines and training for the "Law Enforcement" of the municipality.
Alfie Crous was also one of the "Founding Members of the Western Cape liquor Authority" which started the process in 1995 with only an empty office and thousands of outstanding applications with a backlog of 18 months from the National Liquor board. After 6 months the backlog was gone. I had only 5 staff members at that time. The whole Liquor board worked day and night to catch up with the backlog. We took applications home 7 days a week for licence holders to be able to trade and not to be prevented to trade because of the backlog. We took the necessary initiative to do our duty and took responsibility. That initiative nobody will ever find again today.

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