Renewal of Liquor Licenses

Renewal of Liquor Licenses
Remember to renew you licence before 31 December Every year for the amount indicate on the renewal notice.
Before paying your annual renewal fees, always confirm the amount to be paid since renewal fees might have increased. You might do so by calling 0860 142 142.
Use you WCP as the reference!!
Remember if you pay in January it must include a 50% penalty, and in February 100% penalty , In March you need to apply for a Condonation and the fee will includes a 100% penalty
So Rather pay the licence in time !! do not wait till 31 December it might only show on their banking account 2 -3 days later.
Western Cape Liquor Authority's Banking Details
Name of Account Holder: Western Cape Liquor Authority
Name of Bank: Nedbank Ltd. South Africa
Branch code: 198765
Account number: 145 206 9883
Account Type: Current Account
When should you renew your liquor licence?
Liquor licences should be renewed every year (annually) by no later than 31 December of that respective year in order to be valid for the next year.
How is a liquor licence renewed?
Automatic Renewals: The Western Cape Liquor Authority will issue an annual renewal notice to the licence holder, by 31 October each year. The renewal notice serves as a reminder to the licensee to pay the renewal fee as well as stating the amount to be paid. Should a licensee not receive a renewal notice, the obligation to pay the renewal fees remain the licensee’s responsibility. The licence is automatically renewed until 31 December of the next year when the renewal fees are paid in the stipulated timeframe. Your deposit slip, being proof of payment, must be kept on the premises.
Application for renewal of a liquor licence: If a licensee has -
• become disqualified in terms of Section 35 of the Western Cape Liquor Act No. 4 of 2008 as amended to hold a licence,
• been declared unfit to hold a licence by the Liquor Licensing Tribunal (LLT),
• failed to comply with a compliance notice,
• been the subject of a report to the Chief Executive Officer concerning failure to comply with his/her/its licence conditions, compliance notice or the provisions of the Act or concerning the licence holders disqualification or fitness to hold a licence ,
been the subject of a complaint received by a municipality,
the licence is not capable of automatic renewal but may be renewed by the WCLA upon application by the licensee in the prescribed manner and upon payment of the prescribed fee.
How will you know that your licence will not be renewed?
The Authority will serve a notice upon the licensee concerned before 31 July, informing the licensee that the licence will not be automatically renewed and stating that the licensee needs to make an application for the renewal of the licence before 30 September of that year. If the licensee fails to comply with the notice mentioned above, the licence will lapse on 31 December of that year.
What will you do when you received above mentioned notice?
Contact your attorney or consultant asap, or the applicant must complete the correct Form  (available in the Western Cape Liquor Regulations) and must be lodged with the Authority and the Designated Liquor Officer of the area. The application must include written representations in support of the application; the full name, address and other contact details of the licensee; the documents specified on the Form  or as requested by the Authority; and proof of payment to the Authority of the amount fee for an application for a renewal. DO NOT TRY TO HANDLE THIS ON YOUR OWN !!!!!
Should the licensee not comply with this notice, the licence will lapse on 31 December; unless an application is made after 30 September but before 31 December in the year the renewal notice was issued. The licensee must apply in writing to the Liquor Licensing Tribunal for condonation of such failure, and the Liquor Licensing Tribunal may condone such failure and allow late payment of the renewal fee subject to penalty of 150% of that fee, by a date stipulated by the Liquor Licensing Tribunal. The application for condonation must be in the form of a completed relevant Form .
The inspectorate and the DLO of the area will investigate the factors leading to the licensee having to apply for renewal and will serve a copy of such a report on the applicant and lodge a report with the Authority. The applicant may choose to lodge a response to the reports and this should be done within seven (7) days of being served with the copy of the report.
The licence remains valid until the Liquor Licensing Tribunal considers the application if the licence holder complies with the notice. The Liquor Licensing Tribunal has the right to refuse or grant the application for the renewal and may impose conditions as it deems fit. If the LLT grants the application, the licence is deemed to be renewed as per normal and if the Liquor Licensing Tribunal refuses an application the licence lapses immediately or on a date as decided by the Liquor Licensing Tribunal.
What happens if you do not pay my renewal before 31 December?
If the prescribed renewal fees are not paid before or on 31 December, such licences will be regarded as lapsed; however, the licence holder may pay the prescribed fees plus a 50% penalty before or on 31 January. If the licence holder has not paid these fees by 31 January, the licence holder may pay the prescribed fees plus a 100% penalty on or before the last day of February.
A licensee who has failed to pay the prescribed fees before or on the last day of February in which the renewal fee was due, may apply in writing to the Chief Executive Officer for condonation before or on 31 March of that year. The Chief Executive Officer may condone the failure and allow a late payment by a date to be determined by the Authority, subject to the payment of renewal fee plus a penalty of 150%.

If the Chief Executive Officer has granted condonation and the prescribed renewal fee and penalties have been paid, the licence is only valid until 31 December of the year in which the late fees were paid. Should the liquor licence holder fail to pay the renewal fee and the penalties imposed on late payments, the licence will be deemed to have lapsed on 1 January of the year in which the fees were due.

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