Choose the Right Consultant

It is if most importance to choose your consultant attorney or advocate representing you in any application very carefully. Do not go with the cheapest or best quotation, as this may cost you your business. Check his or her credentials. Make the necessary inquiries. If he or she did not succeed in hundreds of applications before, then in my humble opinion that person is not the correct choice.
Any liquor licence application is time consuming and mistakes can cost your dearly and sometimes your business. Does that person represent big brands successfully? Does the Liquor Authority respect that person? Is he or she an expert with hands on experience? Will that person provide you with the correct advice? There are many consultants out there who merely loose applications due to lack of experience. There are many attorneys, but do that person specialise in the liquor act.
The Liquor Authority has sometimes different interpretations of the liquor Act. The interpretations of the Tribunal are the only thing that counts. Their interpretations are not necessary how the courts will make a decision.
Even a small mistake on your application can set it back by months. A consultant needs to get your application right the first time, for you to save money and time

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