Other related Services

Legal services

We also offers a wide range of legal services to support private and public sector in close cooperation with Liquor related applications, and any other related advisory services.
We operates within the global network of firms, to provide you with any other legal assistance if require. This allows us to provide complex professional services with wide geographical coverage through a single point of contact. With its unique approach, we offer a seamless service of the highest professional standards across continents both in its legal services, advisory, consultancy we can refer you to any additional legal matters, Rezoning applications, interior design services, to noise pollution certificates.
Although this office particularly works with liquor law, we are also associated with other law firms to be able to offer our clients a full range of legal services, as well as plan Drawers interior designing for our clients if needed.

For liquor related queries

– Alfie Crous
021 9138545

General Legal assistance, litigation, hearings, contracts

– Ed booth
021 946 1127 / 083 321 1389

Interior design

– Gamalielle de la Cruz 082 0945034

Noise pollution certificates

- Mel Roux 082 444 1420

Rezoning applications

- Koos Olivier
083 446 0762