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What are my rights as a licence holder

What are my rights as a licence holder Licence holders and applicants have the right to fair administrative action. Currently there are a good relationship with the DLO’s and the Liquor Authority’s inspectors. Designated liquor officers and inspectors can only enter your premises with your consent or with a warrant in terms of Section 75…
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When must a licence holder appoint a manager

When must a Licence Holder appoint a Manager In terms of Section 52 of The Liquor Act you may appoint a manager. Keep in mind section 52 read as follow, “ A licence holder “May Appoint” You do not need to appoint a manager, by appointing a manager it can also have serious negative consequences.…
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Major Concerns / Liquor Act

MAJOR CONCERNS/ LIQUOR ACT WESTERN CAPE LIQUOR AUTHORITY The new Western Cape Liquor Act was written without the experience, expertise and consideration of the current status of the retail industries and needs at an economically point of view. It was all about “Job Creation” and not to streamline the process. This fact has now a…
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